Stevedoring/Acconage Assistant


Supervises a group of Labour (primarily lashers & stevedores) on the field, ensuring subordinates perform their jobs efficiently, safely, and timely to provide maximum productivity to satisfy the various clients on site. Provides instructions to the gang in accordance with standard operating and safety procedures.


  • Instructs and supervise subordinates in standard operating procedures and safe working practices
  • Coordinates the work according to the manifests and instruction and advises Foreman and Dispatcher of any discrepancies.
  • Supervise on the quayside when Out Of Gauge containers, break-bulk cargo are handled.
  • Identifies and anticipates on deviations within his competence to improve an untroubled operation.
  • Ensures activities to support clients on site are processed timely and correctly, and complaints forwarded to the appropriate department.
  • Undertake any other task within the client’s facilities.
  • Ability to work in a shift system
  • always Ensures that safety equipment supplied by the terminal to be worn in designated areas.
  • Selects proper gear to be used.
  • Directs and assists with the placement of appropriate equipment as required
  • Instructs and assists the gang crew in yard and quay cleaning activities.
  • Ensures safety procedures are followed by the gang.
  • Ensures work areas and jetty are kept clean.
  • Responds and assists with emergencies that occur on shift as appropriate.
  • Completes shift report at the end of each shift of duty
  • The key impact of these incumbents will be the maintenance of operational efficiencies in the terminal. Responsibility for the execution of day to day operational activities.
  • Normally the position is expected to follow existing procedures & is well defined


  • Direct Reports to this position
    • Labour gangs
  • The position reports to the Operations Manager
  • The geographical scope of the position is domestic


  • Internal
    • Operations Dept Staff on a constant basis
    • Nature of contact is primarily shared
  • External
    • Vessel Officers
    • Shipping Lines/Agents
    • Transporters and Customs.
    • Nature of contact is primarily for giving & receiving information.


  • Graduate diploma of a vocational High school in maritime transport and handling of goods
  • Minimum three to five years experience in cargo handling activities.
  • Physically fit, no fear of heights.
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English / French.
  • Understands tabulating methods, and general math aptitude (EXCEL)
  • Has knowledge of different types of vessels and their characteristics.
  • Has knowledge of different types of containers and cargo and their characteristics.
  • Has knowledge of different types of hoisting equipment and their characteristics.
  • Has knowledge of different types of lashing and their characteristics.
  • Understands safety regulations, safe working procedures and safe materials handling procedures.
  • Can communicate operational instructions and information via two-way radio system.
  • Understands common used hand signals to communicate without radio system.
  • Must have complete understanding of yard handling equipment: forklift, tractor.
  • Must have some leadership skills; the ability to give instructions and direction to a crew.
  • Must have a licence to operate yard handling equipment


In this position, the incumbent will have an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Enhanced knowledge of terminal operations

Relevant next career steps might be:

  • Stevedoring Supervisor

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