Service Provider Recruitment for the construction of 8 cocoa beans hybrid solar dryers


Service provider recruitment for the construction of 8 cocoa beans hybrid solar dryers for cooperatives in the Centre Region of Cameroon               


Since decades, SNV has been working with service providers (SP) to strengthen capacities of target groups and local organizations. This approach allows SNV to make sure project knowledge reaches beneficiaries via local organizations via individual experts or local organisations to create better ownership and sustainability of its action.

SNV Cameroon received funds from the German Cooperation to implement the “Cameroon Golden Cocoa Project” from Dec 2018 to November 2020. The aim of the project is to Increase cooperatives and farmers’ income and job creation through implementation of standardized post-harvest practices resulting in high quality cocoa: “Golden Cocoa”. The “Cameroon Golden Cocoa Project” has a strong Public Private Partnership component with innovation development. It will continue with experiences gained in Konye, Bafia, Ayos and Ngomedzap and be replicated in other subdivisions in the South West and Central regions of Cameroon. For the implementation of the project in the central region, SNV Cameroon is seeking for service providers to construct 8 cocoa beans hybrid solar dryers.

Details of a hybrid solar dryer

A solar dryer is built on a surface area of 150 m2, with walls and roof in plastic material. Inside, there are beds made up of wooden legs and drying places with local materials. The hybrid model is also equipped with solar energy solutions.

Youtube reference: Cocoa business service centre, solar dryer –>Youtube link :

Qualification of tenderers:

Companies interested in this tender must have the following profile:

  • 8-10 years professional experience in constructing sustainable infrastructures;
  • Have a team of flexible, dedicated engineers and technicians ready to deliver high quality work in a very short timeframe;
  • Demonstrate great expertise in finance, administrative duties in construction sites;
  • Have knowledge in EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) and Quality procedures when working on site;
  • Be able to adapt to difficult conditions in rural areas without electricity and water.
  • Knowledge of SNV and or GIZ procedures regarding construction of infrastructure is an asset.
  • Knowledge of one local language is an asset.

How to apply?

Applicants are invited to prepare a technical and financial proposal to carry out this assignment.

Technical proposal

  • A letter of motivation (1 page)
  • An understanding of the Terms of Reference (1 page)
  • A detailed methodology (3 pages) considering:
    • The construction schedule of all the solar dryers in 30 days,
    • The utilization of the technicians and engineers in the field.
  • Detailed design of a solar dryer taking into consideration:  A dimension of 150 m², the site survey, the road access to the area, the description of walls (materials, dimension…), the description of the roof (material, design…), the description of the doors and the materials to be used, the description of the materials cost estimate…
  • CVs highlighting the experience of each expert in relation to the mission (Max 3 pages) per CV.
  • Any other suggestion that may facilitate the smooth running of the mission (1 page)

Financial proposal

The financial offer consists mainly of:

  • A descriptive quotation and estimate of required materials
  • Total cost estimate of constructing the 08 hybrid solar dryers or the fermentation unit
  • The price of the global workforce
  • An explanatory report
  • An updated tax record

Place to construct hybrid solar dryers

The list of cooperatives and contacts of personnel’s where the hybrid solar dryers has to be constructed are as follows:

  1. Coop SOCOPROCAON at, Ngomedzap Tel. 679285184, 661314143,
  2. Coop SOCOPACE at Soa, Tel: 677671147/677217758
  3. Coop PROCABA at Tel: 679981916/655615943,
  4. Coop SOCADECAM at Ombessa/Bouraka Tel: 678422499/697205281,
  5. Coop MBANGA SUB at Mbangassina Tel: 675027243/695906742,
  6. Coop COOPROBI at Mbangassina/Biakoa Tel: 674344054/675707302,
  7. Coop SOCODEC at Ntui/Ossombe, Tel. 677186609/670576229
  8. h) CACAO+Ayos at Ayos, Tel. 678311829/674635096

Submission of the offer

Companies interested in this call are invited to submit their different offers by email  latest August 18th, 2019with the following subject. Construction of 08 Hybrid Solar Dryers

Additional information : SNV has no commitment with the tenderer related to the time invested in the preparation and submission of a bid. N.B: Only selected candidates will be contacted


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