computer scientist

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Informations Générales

  • Lieu  Yaounde
  • Catégorie  Informatique / Internet
  • Langue FRENCH and ENGLISH
  • Niveau de diplôme le plus élevé Advanced level
  • Poste d'emploi attendu stage
  • Slogan never give up

Hi, I am FOTIEU SOB CAMUS BORDA, a new owner of Advanced level willing to have a job in the Cameroon job market Especially in the computer section, working first as a probationer first before getting employed by the company.The real will of this is win a year doing something That can help me INSTEAD of loosing a year in one of the public universities of Cameroon

special thanks to whoever Sees the importance Employing me.


Government Bilingual High School Yaounde A level

Had a level in 4 subjects derived derived, namely Math-A, Physics-B, B-Computer Science, Math further Top Top-E.making a total of 11 points.

Expérience professionnelle

june 2017
''Electro-Plomb sarl''/ SIMI Holiday internship

during to the holiday internship.nous working on the Construction Site of the General Hospital for the refection of the air conditioning and hospital probationer Attended by Installing the fan coil or changing the fan principal commands

ACERFI compute maintenance

we were trained to maintained computer hardware during the Holiday internship of the year for 1 month

Note d'aptitudes

Beginner in the refectioning of personal computer and phones both hadeware and software and software

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