Special call for tender –PA Climate Change Adaptation


Nom de l’employeur : WWF Cameroon

1. Background

Climate Change and climate-related disasters are already undermining efforts towards Cameroon’s development vision. The National Adaptation Plan (NAP) provides a common architecture for all actors to contribute towards reducing vulnerability to climate change effects, and increase resilience and quality of life. Evidently, the NAP will benefit from stronger integration of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in conservation plans, including protected area management plans. WWF Cameroon has committed to enhancing knowledge on CCA in and around protected areas, assist government, communities and partners to develop climate informed conservation strategies and mainstream CCA into protected area (PA) management plans. WWF Cameroon seeks the services of a consultant to facilitate the processes in and around the Mount Cameroon, Campo Ma’an, Nki and Benoue National Parks.

2. Goal of the Assignment

The goal of this assignment is to facilitate the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation in protected area management plans and the WWF conservation strategy.
The objectives are as follows:

2.1. Conduct Vulnerability Assessment (VA) around key PAs in WWF priority landscapes: Identify and map ongoing and potential climate change risks to people, species, ecosystems, and establish areas in and around these PA that are most vulnerable to these risks;

2.2. Assess PA Management Plans for CCA mainstreaming options: Assess the extent to which CCA has been mainstreamed into the PA management plan and the WWF Conservation strategy, highlighting the gaps and opportunities to address them.

2.3. Mainstream CCA in PA management and WWF Conservation plans: Propose a plan, including goals, objectives, activities, tasks and budgets for mainstreaming CCA into the PA and conservation plan.

2.4 Monitor and document key lessons and project processes and outcomes to facilitate replication elsewhere.

3. Methodology

The consultant is expected to propose a methodology appropriate for the assignment. It should include document review, fieldwork, consultations and workshop. WWF will support one workshop for objective 2.3.

Consultations should target at least WWF staff, protected area managers, conservation agencies, local communities (CBOs, VFMCs, traditional authorities, women, youths,…), relevant NGOs, and relevant government ministries (MINFOF, MINEPDED, MINADER, …). Consultation on VA within the community should cover at least the level and type of climate change risks, local awareness of these risks and their manifestations and impacts, existing and potential local adaptation measures and experiences, and constraints. The consultant is expected to present PA-specific CCA information and for the WWF conservation plan.

4. Deliverables

The deliverables of the assignment are:

  • Inception report including details of the methodology to be applied, tools to use and justification for the choice of tools, detail plan of action with activities and timeframes
  • Report of climate change VA in four the Protected Areas (PAs) with at least one chapter per PA
  • Report on gaps in the mainstreaming of CCA in four PA management plans and the
  • WWF Cameroon Conservation Strategy (at least one chapter per PA and another for the WWF conservation strategy)
  • Draft document on mainstreaming of CCA in the four PA management plans and the WWF
  • Cameroon Conservation Strategy (at least one chapter per PA and another for the WWF conservation strategy)
  • Facilitation of meetings and workshops related to the assignment as agreed during the inception meeting;
  • High-resolution photographs and other relevant documents procured or produced under this contract, in digital and/or hard copy as appropriate.
  • Full contacts of those consulted as part of the implementation of the assignment

The data and information presented in the report should be appropriately disaggregated. All deliverables are expected in English. WWF Cameroon will formally approve the inception report before the consultant engages other phases of the assignment.

5. Profile of Consultant

It is foreseen that an experienced consultant with the following qualifications and experience will carry out the assignment:

  1. At least five years’ experience and knowledge in climate change adaptation and conservation;
  2. At least a MSc in Natural Resources Management, Environmental Science/Management and/or other related fields;
  3. Strong networking skills required;
  4. Good policy advocacy skills
  5. Good planning, monitoring and evaluation skills
  6. Ability to adapt and effectively respond to challenging situations;
  7. Ability to work independently and with a minimum of supervision for extended period of time;
  8. Excellent facilitation, numerical and analytical skills;
  9. Excellent report writing skills.

Any deviation in the methodology, scope, personnel or budget from that accepted in the consultant’s contract must be approved in writing by WWF before such change takes effect. Payment for this assignment will be in XAF and done locally. Interested candidates are invited bid in XAF.

6. Timeframe for the assignment

The assignment will start immediately after signature of the contract (about one month after publication of the call for tenders) and all outputs and deliverables are expected on or before 15 September 2019.

7. Offer of Service

The technical and financial offer should include the following:

  • A brief statement on the understanding of the Terms of Reference and areas of improvement;
  • A clear statement describing why the consultant is a suitable candidate;
  • Outputs of at least two similar assignments;
  • A brief (2 pages maximum) curriculum vitae of consultant, highlighting experiences relevant for this assignment;
  • A clear methodology/procedure for implementing the assignment including mention of the reports to deliver;
  • A phase-based work plan that provides a breakdown and a logical sequencing of activities, including timeframe;
  • A detailed phase-based budget (consultancy fees, travel costs, subsistence allowances, activity costs, etc.), including rates (hourly and/or man days).
  • Provide copies of administrative documents – registration, taxpayer’s card, certificate of non-indebtedness (attestation de non redevance) to tax authority, …

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